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After five years as TV's most popular Time Lord, the tenth Doctor Who David Tennant has said goodbye to his alter ego for the final time.

Tennant had 48 adventures as the time-travelling alien from Gallifray, taking over from Christopher Eccleston who launched the new series. His time as Doctor Who ended this week in the BBC's 2-part holiday season story 'The End of Time', with a look back at some of his friends and foes of the past few years.

The hectic episode saw the tenth Doctor team up with arch enemy The Master (John Simm) and Donna's grandad Wilf in a battle against their own kind, as the Time Lords returned with bad intentions.

(The civilisation of the Time Lords had largely been absent from the modern series, after losing the great Time War).

The 2-parter was also the final episode for the sci-fi show's Executive Producer Russell T Davies, who successfully revived and relaunched the Doctor for a new generation.

Fellow Executive Producer Julie Gardiner is also leaving, with Steven Moffatt taking over as EP and showrunner as the story continues with the Eleventh Doctor.

As is tradition in Doctor Who folklore, his alien body was regenerated after the death of tenth doctor (David Tennant), with 27-year old Matt Smith taking over the Tardis.

The youngest Doctor yet, Smith's version of the character is eccentric, with a quirky taste in clothes (bow-tie, tweed jacket, slim trousers, Doc Marten boots), and big hair to boot.

Moffat admits the writers were originally looking for an actor "in their thirties or forties", but were impressed with the Northampton actor's "dynamism and swagger".
Smith's incarnation is described as being "old and young at the same time, a boffin and an action hero, a cheeky schoolboy and the wise old man of the Universeā€. The Doctor's new companion is Amy Pond (Karen Gillan).

The team began shooting new episodes of Doctor Who in Cardiff around the middle of 2009. The 13 episode series will be the fifth since being revived by the BBC, and is due to hit UK screens in the Spring (March/April 2010)

* Check out the first trailer of the BBC's new season of Doctor Who below. (There's a few spoilers, including the return of old (and upgraded) foes, along with some familiar faces...)

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