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The writers of British sci-fi series Primeval have plenty of "shocking" storylines in store for fans of the revived tv show, according to lead actor Andrew Lee-Potts.

The show follows a team of Government scientists, investigating "temporal anomalies" (portals or dimensional holes through time) across Great Britain. The team must stop or retrieve prehistoric dinosaurs and futuristic creatures from entering the present time through the portals.

The UK series first screened in 2007 on ITV, and is also broadcast in other 35 international markets. However, ITV announced in June 2009 that the television network was cancelling the series at the end of its third season (despite its cliffhanger ending).

Reasons suggested for Primeval's axing included a slight fall in ratings, and the high cost of production due in part to its heavy use of CGI and special effects. (Although ITV didn't pay the full cost of the Impossible Pictures-produced show, the broadcaster had earlier revealed a company-wide loss of £2.7 billion).

However, in late September ITV announced the series was being recommissioned for another 13 episodes, under a new co-production deal which will see Primeval shared between the free-to-air broadcaster and satellite/cable operators.

The new episodes will be split into shorter fourth and fifth seasons, with shooting due to begin in March 2010. However fans will have to wait until 2011 to see new episodes of the show onscreen.

Under a somewhat complicated deal, ITV1 gets to play series four (7 episodes) of Primeval first, early in 2011. UKTV's general entertainment channel Watch (pay tv) gets the first UK screening of series five (6 episodes) later in the year.

ITV1 will have second run rights to the fifth season of the show. BBC America and German channel ProSieben are also involved in the complicated deal.

Andrew Lee-Potts (Connor Temple) is returning for the new episodes, along with co-star and real life fiancée Hannah Spearritt (Abby Maitland). Jason Flemyng (Danny Quinn) and Ben Miller (James Lester) are also confirmed as being back for the next two seasons of the sci-fi action show.

It's also understood there are ongoing talks about an American version of the series, as well suggestions of a spin-off show, and a a possible Primeval film.

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