Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: March 2009
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High School Musical was a surprise mega-smash-hit... High School Musical 2 continued with fun in the sun... and High School Musical 3: Senior Year blasted it out of the park on the big screen, grossing $250 million+ in the worldwide box-office, as Troy and Gabriella graduated from East High.

But the High School Musical story isn't over... As well as the films finding a new life on the stage, Disney has already begun work on the next sequel in the High School Musical franchise.

High School Musical 4 (full name still to be confirmed) will return to the small screen, with the film set to premiere on the Disney Channel in 2010. (The 2007 US Disney Channel premiere of High School Musical 2 remains the #1 basic cable telecast of all time with 18.6 million viewers).

The new film will feature a new cast and introduce a new generation of characters at East High. Most of the major stars of the original trilogy (like Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens) are unlikely to appear, but the original tv movie is expected to feature some of the new cast members introduced during High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Peter Barsocchini - who wrote the original 3 HSM movies - is again screenwriter on the fourth instalment. Details of the storyline are still sketchy, but fans can look forward to a “classic love triangle set against the cross-town school rivalry between the East High Wildcats and West High Knights”.

In the meantime, have a chuckle over this "teaser trailer" put together by an enthusiastic fan, for 'Beverly Hills HIGH SCHOOL Chihuahua Road Trip MUSICAL 4' ! ;-)

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