Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: Pop music making a comeback with Same Difference
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Genuine unadulterated pop music may be finally making a comeback, with Britney Spears returning to her dance/pop roots with songs on her comeback album Circus, and UK brother and sister pop group Same Difference preparing to release their debut single and album.

Sarah and Sean appeared as a duo on the British tv talent competition, The X Factor. Written off by snooty critics and music journalists as "naff", Same Difference ended up being the surprise hit of the show, keeping out of the bottom two places throughout the entire 4th series.

The pair originally signed for a 1-single deal, but that was soon replaced by a rumoured £1 million full album deal. They've spent most of the year working on their debut album "Pop", with top writers and producers from the UK and Sweden.

Their debut single We R One has just been released in the UK. Written by long-time hitmaker Jörgen Elofsson together with Pär Westerlund, the song is produced by the experience team of Quiz/Larossi (Andreas Romdhane and Josef Larossi). (B-side "The Miracle" also comes from the Swedish pop factory).

We R One is an unashamably upbeat slice of pure pop, with shades of Steps, Pop!, and Six, with a dash of High School Musical thrown in for good measure.

The choreographed music video (shot in an American car yard, in retro 60s outfits) borrows elements from the big US teen movie-musical hits like Grease, Fame, and HSM. (Their album also includes a cover version of the hit HSM 1 song "Breaking Free")...