Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: Fun Music Videos for Smash Hits have Swedish Link
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Things have changed a lot over the years with the old "Music Video"... Once ambitious mini-movies in their own right (Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, etc), now all too often music videos are simply cheap clips featuring the artist singing the same song in a few different locations.

So it's nice to see a few recent music videos with some clever and funny storylines... and coincidentally, both songs are co-written and produced by Swedish music genius Max Martin!

First up is hot new artist Katy Perry, who has followed up her smash breakthrough hit I Kissed a Girl with an even better Max Martin/Dr Luke song, Hot N Cold.

The music video for Hot N Cold begins at a wedding, where Katy and her fiance are about to exchange vows. However the Groom suddenly does a runner, with Katy and her gal pals chasing him across town (the baseball bat scene is a particular favourite ;)

Noted UK Pop Music website Popjustice described the clip "a masterpiece" and I agree that it's Katy Perry's best song... Popjustice singles out "the choreography as being of particular note"... and is also impressed with "whoever sneaked in the Nokia product placement"!

The second great music video of recent month's was for Pink's comeback song, So What... her first solo #1 in the USA, and a smash hit around the world.

The tongue-in-cheek video clip features her ex-husband Carey, and shows Pink driving a lawnmower down Sunset Boulevard, sitting in a bar after losing to her table to Jessica Simpson, and doing choreography from Michael Jackson's Thriller video naked...