Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: June 2008
Dave Gee: Entertainment Now
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Teen police drama series 21 Jump Street is the latest 80s television show to be selected for the update treatment.

Superbad film star Jonah Hill has signed up to write and executive produce a new film version of the hit Fox TV show, following youthful police officers who go undercover in high schools and colleges.

Hill recently pulled out of negotiations to star in the Transformers movie sequel because he didn't like the script. However it hasn't yet been decided whether he'll appear on-screen in the 21 Jump Street movie.

The project will be produced by Neal Moritz (I am Legend), along with Stephen J Cannell, co-creator of the original tv show. The original 21 Jump Street tv series ran from 1987-90 on the US Fox Network, and starred Johnny Depp, Holly Robinson, Peter DeLuise, and Richard Grieco.