Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: Sneak peak: The CW's new Beverly Hills 90210
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US TV Network the CW has released the first glimpses of its hotly anticipated new teen show, the relaunch of 90's "favourite zip code" Beverly Hills, 90210.

The original show signed off on the Fox network 8 years ago, with Donna, David, Kelly and Dylan making it to the end. Now the CW network is reviving the classic teen show for a new generation.

The new spinoff series - now simply named "90210" - has a very similar theme to the original, focusing on the Mills' family moving from Kansas to the world of Beverly Hills.

Original cast member Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor) is returning for the new series in a guest starring role, playing a guidance counselor at West Beverly High. Tori Spelling (Donna Martin) and Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders) are also keen to pop by in recurring roles.

Former Melrose Place star Rob Estes will play the head of the Mills family, Harry, who returns to West Beverly to take up a job as the school's new Principal. (Hit soap/drama Melrose Place was was itself a spinoff of Beverly Hills, 90210). Lori Loughlin will play his wife Debbie Mills.

Original head writer Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) has reduced his involvement in the project (He'll stay on as an Executive Producer), because of his work with two ABC shows, a revival of the show Cupid and a remake of the hit NZ television series, Outrageous Fortune.

The new 90210 begins on Tuesday nights this Fall on The CW, followed by another new teen drama Surviving the Filthy Rich, following a group of rich kids in Palm Beach.

Check out the CW's 90210 preview below...

The CW has high hopes for the show, which will complement its current teen dramas Gossip Girl and the veteran One Tree Hill. It says the new 90210 will be "cooler, sexier, and more provocative."

The CW network (launched in 2006 through the merger of WB and UPN) is struggling in the ratings this year, leading to speculation that one of its two parent companies could pull the plug on the network if things don't improve in the next year.
With its focus on viewers 18-34, the CW has been hit harder than other networks by the teen drift to the internet and gaming consoles. Its viewers have short attention spans, and are used to fast-forward through commercials with digital video recorders like Tivo.

The CW has experimented with multi-part commercials (called "content wraps") and very short commercials called "cwickies". The network is promising to increase its integration between TV and the web, although recently suspended its free internet streaming of Gossip Girl in an effort to improve its ratings.

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