Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: Cruel Intentions star for US Kath & Kim
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Monday, February 11, 2008

American actor Selma Blair (Cruel Intentions; Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane) is due to star in NBC's US translation of the hit Australian tv show, Kath & Kim.

The Logie-award winning ABC comedy focuses on the love-hate dysfunctional relationship between a mother and her adult daughter, and has been a smash hit in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. (The first two Aussie seasons screened in America on cable channel Trio, with Sundance Channel playing the 3rd season.)

Molly Shannon (Pushing Daisies) is to play the role of Kath, with Blair portraying her adult daughter Kim. NBC has decided against ordering a traditional pilot, instead putting in an initial 6-episode order of the series.

King of Queens writer Michelle Nader has written the first episode, and is one of the Executive Producers on the show, along with Australian creators and stars, Gina Riley and Jane Turner. The US production of Kath & Kim is expected to begin shooting about six weeks after the writers strike is resolved.

Cross-country translations of tv shows have had mixed results over the years, but NBC are hoping their version of the quirky show Kath & Kim proves as successful as their adaptation of the hit UK comedy series, The Office (created by Ricky Gervais) and Columbian telenovela Ugly Betty.