Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: Robbie's 'Rudebox' CDs paving Chinese Roads!
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It seems that Robbie Williams' record company EMI have finally accepted what everyone else decided long ago... that Robbie's last CD "Rudebox" was basically a load of rubbish. The CD was Williams' 10th solo album, but sold just 500,000 copies in the UK (a quarter of 2002's Escapology).

Now EMI is shipping over a million unsold copies of Rudebox to China, where they'll be crushed and used to resurface roads, and in manufacturing street lights.

A record company insider told reporters, "EMI often ships out unwanted CDs to China so they can be recycled. It's the ultimate kick in the teeth for him [Robbie]. He loved this album, but going by all the unsold CDs he was obviously the only one."

The former Take That star signed a record-breaking £80m deal with EMI in 2002. However the record company has announced plans to cut 2,000 jobs (a third of the workforce), and dump under-performing artists after losing £263 million last year. EMI says about 85% of releases never make a profit.

Williams has been threatening to "go on strike" because of the job cuts and other issues with new management at the company. The singer has two albums left to go on his current EMI record contract.

Williams recently revealed he's considering releasing a B-sides album later this year, with a new studio album in 2009. But he has denied newspaper reports he's planning a massive £150 million comeback worldwide tour to hit back at the success of the now four-piece group Take That.