Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: Closure for fans of TV's 'Traveler'
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Monday, January 28, 2008

This message may be of help to New Zealand-based fans of the US TV series "Traveler" (where the show has just finished screening on TV2), altho admittedly may be a little out of date for readers in the United States itself, where the show finished on the ABC network in mid July 2007.

Traveler was a great drama-thriller series, about two Yale University grad-students - Jay Burchell and Tyler Fog - who become prime terrorist suspects when a New York art museum is blown up. The pair go on the run from the FBI, after discovering they've been set up by their former flatmate Will Traveler.

The tv series was unfortunately cancelled by ABC, which played all eight episodes made (after scaling back the series from an initial 13-episode season order.)

Cancelled television shows are often included in package "output deals" most international broadcasters buy from distributors. As is the tradition in New Zealand, TV2 heavily promoted the "new series" over summer, despite the short 8-episode run, leaving some fans surprised after the abrupt "finale".

(Other cancelled shows bought recently by TVNZ, and already screened or coming soon to TV2 in New Zealand include sitcoms Happy Hour, In Case of Emergency, The Class, The Knights of Prosperity, Twenty Good Years, Four Kings... and dramas The Nine, Smith, and Six Degrees).

American fans tried unsuccessfully to save the show, but to provide some closure and consolation for fans of the show, Traveler creator Dave DiGilio made a blog post on TVGuide.com giving "answers" to some of the show's mysteries... including 'What is the Fourth Branch?', 'What's with the Painting?', and 'Who was Will Traveler?'

* TVGuide.com - David DiGilio's Traveler Blog