Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: Actor Heath Ledger found dead after overdose
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hollywood star Heath Ledger has been found dead in a New York City apartment. A housekeeper at the SoHo residence found Ledger lying face down on his bedroom floor on Tuesday afternoon (US time), naked and unconscious. Prescription pill bottles under his name were found nearby, including anti-anxiety medications, sleeping pills, and a sedative.

Police say the death appears to be either an accidental overdose, or possibly suicide. Friends say the Australian-born actor seemed bored with his career, and had been turning down roles recently.

The 28-year old was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Brokeback Mountain. It was during filming for the movie that he met Michelle Williams, who he had a daughter with until the couple split up last year.

He was reportedly not proud of his most recent role, playing one of the versions of Bob Dylan in the movie I'm Not There. Fans were looking forward to Ledger's portrayal of The Joker in the upcoming Batman sequel, The Dark Knight, which he had just completed filming.

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