Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: Nintendo Wii the Top Selling Console this Christmas?
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With Christmas just a week away, Nintendo's revolutionary Wii looks set to be the top video games console this festive season.

Latest figures show the Nintendo Wii held onto the #1 console spot in the United States last month, selling over 981,000 units. That's the best sales month for the Wii since it was launched last November.

Industry experts say sales of the Wii would have been even higher, if it wasn't for the big shortage of consoles in stores, as Nintendo struggles to keep up with demand. Nintendo's main rival, Microsoft, sold 770,000 Xbox 360 games consoles in November, while Sony's PlayStation 3 sold 466,000 units.

Video games sales are also strong. Activision's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare sold over 2 million copies (for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3). Meanwhile Microsoft's Xbox 360 hit Halo 3 is also still selling well.

Both titles were launched in recent months, and are the latest from two successful franchises. It's a battle to see which game will end up outselling the other, while some film executives are blaming the new releases for a downturn in movie ticket sales!

Halo 3 was developed exclusively for the Xbox 360. The game sold US$300 million in its first week alone, with the online multi-player aspect proving a huge draw for gamers, with over a million people playing it on Xbox Live on the first day of release.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty 4 introduces a new style of game play for the series, playing more like a "film style plot" with connected storylines, as well as solo missions in a gunship or in a sniper team.

Activision's Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock has also proven a major hit for the software studio, with the unique games selling 1.9 million copies last month for the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii, and Sony PlayStation 2.

All three games have received very positive reviews, and are likely to keep gamers occupied for many long hours over the Christmas and New Year holiday breaks.