Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: John Stamos All Coked Up in Aussie?
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Sunday, July 01, 2007

US actor John Stamos, now starring in ER, put on a display of bizzare behaviour this week while appearing on an Australian morning talkshow.

Stamos was down under to promote the hit medical drama ER, where he plays Dr Tony Gates. The former Full House star appeared tired, blurry-eyed, and dishevelled. Stamos was disorientated and often sniffing, prompting some industry insiders to speculate he may have been both drunk and under the influence of cocaine.

But execs at Australia's Channel 9 and Warner Bros. were so shocked by his behaviour on Kerri-Ann Kennerley's morning show that they cancelled the rest of his tour and claimed to have packed him on the next plane home. (It's since been revealed Stamos remained in Australia a few more days, and seemed to continue his partying in Sydney).

Channel 9 and US tv executives claimed Stamos was simply jetlagged and "needed to rest". You be the judge... ;-)