Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: Scooch go International in their Eurovision Bid
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British group Scooch have released five special mixes of their 2007 Eurovision song, Flying the Flag (For You), the UK's entry in this year's Song Contest.

Scooch have enlisted the help of a bunch of friends, to re-record the 'flight attendant' segments of their catchy song into five different languages... French, German, Spanish, Danish, and Bulgarian.

The new mixes are part of a big promotional push by Scooch, who are aiming to build interest in the song outside of the UK, before the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki. (Last year's UK entry, Daz Simpson - Teenage Life, finished in a disappointing 19th place in Athens.)

Interest in Scooch's efforts to achieve a solid Eurovision result is now building, both with the notoriously-difficult British Press and from the general public.

The new video for Flying the Flag has just been completed and released to music television channels. The physical single will be released in the UK on May 7th, featuring a Karaoke version of the song, along with remixes. A DVD release will also feature the video.

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