Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: Russia send triple Britneys to Eurovision
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Russia have always done well at the Eurovision Song Contest when they send along good edgy pop songs... a technique they are trying again this year in Helsinki.

Last year Dima Bilan finished 2nd overall for Russia with Never Let You Go. The country also scored 3rd in 2003 with t.a.T.u. - Ne Ver', Ne Boysia, while Alsou scored them a 2nd placing in 2002 with Solo.

Russia's entry for 2007 is a female trio called Serebro, who will perform a modern pop-rock track with the very boring title of Song Number One (yes really!?).

Popbitch describes Russia's entry as "a trio of hot teen girls singing a hard-edged pop hybrid of Britney Spears and Madison Avenue". (And check out the Justin Timberlake-style dance routine in the middle!)
I pick Top 5 at least...