Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: Alec Baldwin apologises; Will continue on 30 Rock
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Actor Alec Baldwin is expected to return to his NBC comedy show 30 Rock next year, despite announcing his intentions to leave television on daytime tv talkshow The View.

Baldwin's announcement followed a stream of negative publicity, after the actor was caught yelling at his eleven year old daughter on a voicemail message on her phone. He has apologised for leaving the "improper" answer machine message.

Baldwin says he asked NBC to let him out of his 30 Rock contract, to devote time to the issue of "parental alienation", but that request was turned down by the network. It's understood he's now comfortable with fulfilling his contractual obligations to the show.

The veteran actor stars alongside former Saturday Night Live alumni Tina Fey in the sitcom. Baldwin plays a sleazy but equally charming network executive, in charge of an SNL-style comedy/chat show based at New York City's 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

The first season finale of 30 Rock screened on NBC last night. Unfortunately, the show still hasn't made it "down under" for viewers like me.

The show has been acclaimed by the critics (The San Francisco Chronicle called it "the funniest sitcom of the new season... 30 Rock is not to be missed ... this could be the beginning of the next great sitcom."

While the show hasn't been a big breakout hit, it has had solid ratings amognst viewers with mo money, making it attractive to advertisers and encouraging NBC to renew it for a second season.

For US fans, and for tv addicts in other parts of the world who haven't yet seen this hilarious show, here's a compilation of moments from the very talented Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin...