Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: Vampires are Alive in Switzerland
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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Switzerland's entry in this years Eurovision Song Contest is being targetted by a Swiss evangelical Christian political party. The Eidgenössisch- Demokratische Union (EDU) has launched a petition to have DJ BoBo's song Vampires are Alive withdrawn from the contest in Helsinki.

The EDU (which holds two seats in Switzerland's federal parliament) believes DJ BoBo's song is "satanically inspired", and will call on the Swiss Government to withdraw the song.

The party has collected 28,000 signatures against sending the song Vampires are Alive, which is already Top 3 in the Swiss music charts. DJ BoBo (real name René Baumann) is currently finishing work on his next album (due out mid-May), and is making no comment.

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