Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: UK Finally Making their Mind Up
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

The United Kingdom will be the last country to select its representative for Eurovision 2007, with tonight's UK national final "Making Your Mind Up" set to choose the 42nd entry in this year's contest.

Six candidates are competing to represent the UK in Helsinki, with six very different song styles.

Leading the way for pop fans is Scooch, who've reformed especially for the contest. Scooch were Mike Stock and Matt Aitken's answer to Pete Waterman's "Abba on speed" group Steps, and had four UK Top 30 singles in 1999/2000, before deciding to go their seperate ways when lead vocalist Natalie Powers became pregnant.

Their 2007 entry, Flying the Flag (For You), continues their familiar cheesy pop style... although the song doesn't have any involvement from former songwriter/producers Stock/Aitken (instead co-written by group member Russ Spencer, with Morten Schjolin, Andrew Hill, and Paul Tarry).

Former East-17 lead singer Brian Harvey is also hoping to represent the UK. His song "I Can" has been kicking around on promo for a few years, but has been remixed and rejigged for his Eurovision attempt. Unfortunately, the end result is a poorer song, with the verses losing their original punch, and a weakened chorus.

Ex-Atomic Kitten Song Liz McClarnon's entry is a pleasant enough Kylie-lite track, Don't It Make You) Happy!, while Big Brovaz might struggle with their non-Eurovision-styled Big Bro Thang (altho they may be contender for 'Worst song title' ;-)

Unknown French singer Cyndi is tipped by some as a surprise winner, with her Titanic -style ballad, I'll Leave My Heart, which does have the distinction of being produced by Grammy award winning producer Brian Rawling.

Finally, the media and bookie favourite is former Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins, who has teamed with Beverlei Brown on They Don't Make 'Em They Like They Used To.

UK Eurovision stalwart Terry Wogan will co-host the UK's Making Your Mind Up programme, alongside Fearne Cotton. Unlike many other countries, the UK's selection is decided entirely by televoting.

Special guests at the UK show include last year's Eurovision winners, Finnish freako rockers Lordi, and former Eurovision winners Bucks Fizz (the UK national final is named appropriately after their 1981 winning song, Making Your Mind Up).