Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: No Dracula, but Vampires still alive for now
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Swiss political party the EDU have submitted their petition against the country's Eurovision entry, Vampires are Alive by DJ BoBo.

The small party, which holds two seats in the Swiss federal government, believes the song's lyrics are evil, and wants to have the song withdrawn as Switzerland's entry in Helsinki.

The EDU managed to collect 49,000 signatures against DJ BoBo's song... which has proven a hit with the wider Swiss population. Vampires are Alive entered Switzerland's singles chart at #3.

There could have been two vampire-related songs in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, but unfortunately Dracula, My Love by the band Andra Simplu was disqualified from Romania's song contest (along with Well-o-wee by the Redenx), because the songs had been performed publicly before October 2006, against Eurovision rules.

(There were also allegations of plagiarism, with elements of Dracula, My Love similar to E-Type's song When religion comes to town. Take a look at the "other" vampire Eurovision song here...