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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Internet retailer Amazon.com is currently offering customers a Free TV Show Video Download when they buy any DVD through their site.
The deal is to help promote their Amazon Unbox programme, which lets you buy or rent your favourite movies and TV Shows to download and watch on your PC. Customers can watch free previews online before buying. (Service limited to users in the United States).

Fans can buy DVDs of their favourite TV show, then also download current episodes before they're released on DVD. Regular prices start from just (US) $1.99 for tv shows, and from just $3.99 for movies.

Use the links below to buy any DVD on Amazon.com, and receive an instant $1.99 rebate for use through Amazon Unbox (their video download store). You can download a tv show for free with this e-coupon, or put the rebate towards a movie download. (Rebates need to be redeemed within 24 hours of purchase).

>> Buy a DVD, Get a Free TV show download ($1.99 instant rebate)

* Or click below to browse the Video Downloads available for purchase (Free Previews available)...