Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: High School Musical Tour gets Corbin Bleu Jumping
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As the hit High School Musical Concert Tour rolls on, packing in stadiums across the United States, Disney are preparing to roll out their next big made-for-tv movie.

Starring HSM's Corbin Bleu (as Izzy) and Keke Palmer (Mary), Jump In! is a movie about jumping rope. Izzy is into boxing, just like his Dad. But he's keen on the girl next door (Mary) who spends her life jumping rope... so he ends up joining her Double Dutch jump team when another member defects.

Bleu will be well known to "tween" audiences as Chad from High School Musical, and as Nathan from the Discovery Kids Channel series Flight 29 Down (about 7 teens whose plane crash-lands on a deserted island...'Lost' much? ;-) His co-star Keke Palmer was the star of this year's Spelling Bee movie, Akeelah and the Bee.

Jump In! premieres January 12th on the Disney Channel in the US (while Bleu's still on tour). Disney are hoping for another hit, after their success with HSM, and Cheetah Girls 1 & 2.

Fans can preview songs and videos from the movie's soundtrack (featuring Bleu and Palmer) for a limited time at Disney Channel's Jump In! website, before the soundtrack is released on CD and iTunes on January the 9th. There's also plenty of photos, games, and other downloads to keep teen surfers busy.

For Corbin Bleu, his life doesn't look like slowing down anytime soon. As soon as the High School Musical Concert Tour finishes up late January, he'll head back to Hawaii to film the two-hour finale of his tv show.

Bleu will then join the rest of his HSM mates in Utah to shoot High School Musical 2: Sing It All Or Nothing!, and has his first solo album coming out in April (featuring the single Push It to the Limit, from the Jump In! soundtrack).