Dave Gee: Entertainment Now: Matt Damon finds his next villain
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Matt Damon is still on the run in The Bourne Ultimatum, the third chapter of the Bourne trilogy, currently shooting in London and Europe.

And now his main nemesis has been found... Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez (Domino, Vantage Point) will play the role of Paz, a super-assassin hot on the trail of amnesia affected spy Jason Bourne, as he uncovers his past. (Previous reports suggested Gael Garcia Bernal was in talks to play the role).

Actors Julia Stiles and Joan Allen return for The Bourne Ultimatum. UK director Paul Greengrass is again (unfortunately) heading the film, after directing the second chapter, The Bourne Supremacy Greengrass was responsible for the really bad stomach-churning car chase scenes, and the decision to go for doco-style artsy shots over an understandable plot.

It's unfortunate that Doug Liman - director of the fantastic original Bourne Identity - couldn't be enticed back into the big chair to get the series back on track (although he's again listed as an Executive Producer).

The Bourne Ultimatum is due for release in cinemas around August 2007.

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